Can I choose my repair facility?

You have the right to use the collision repair facility of your choice. Always choose a facility that offers a written guarantee or warranty.

Should I go to an independent specialist or dealer?

You take great pride in your car, want it to look good and run great for a long time. If something does go wrong, you want to ensure that you take it to the right facility for repair.

You need to find the best group of specialists that can take care of all your car needs, who will treat you fair and do a great job. This can be a hard decision. Usually it is a decision of whether to take your car to the dealership that you got your car from or to an independent collision repair shop. You want to make sure that you receive quality work, an affordable price, and great service.

The dealerships will have certified technicians and will most likely have the latest tools and services available. This means there is a good chance that your car will be in good hands. Independent auto body shops also have technicians that are certified and well qualified to complete your car repair, specializing in auto body work – dealerships perform engine work and other car repairs, not auto body.

If you do your homework, you will find many independent auto body repair shops have the latest technological tools and products for your car repair needs! If you are looking for the best deal and quality auto body repair for your vehicle, choosing an independent auto body specialist is the way to go. At Campbell’s, we have the latest vehicle information, estimating systems, I-CAR technician training, expert color matching, and quality workmanship to return your vehicle to you in pre-collision condition.

Can I save on my deductible?

Possibly, but any shop that guarantees to save a deductible can only do this by not completing a part of your repair listed on the estimate, cut corners in the repair, or use inferior parts/workmanship. We will not compromise the safety of our customers by using substandard parts or poor workmanship as a means to save the deductible. Our files are routinely audited by insurance companies and we welcome this practice.

What if my vehicle has frame damage?

Most vehicles today are built using unibody construction, meaning that the chassis and body of the car are welded together. During most accidents, your vehicle will have some type of movement to the unibody. With our specialized equipment and factory approved repair procedures, we are able to straighten or replace the damaged part to within factory approved specs.

How long will the repair take?

Many factors affect this answer like the extent of the damage, repair parts availability, and the need of a supplement for hidden damage identified after the disassembling your vehicle. Your service representative can estimate the amount of time that it will take to repair your vehicle, but please remember that this is only an estimate. And please remember; the longer we keep your vehicle the more it costs us in terms of valuable storage and repair facility space, so we will get it back to you as quick as we can.

Who pays for the repairs?

Insurance companies vary on how they make payments. Please note that we require full payment upon return of your vehicle to you, so ask your service representative how your insurance company processes payments.

If the insurance company has a direct repair program with the shop, they will pay the shop directly.

Supplement payments for repairs to hidden damages while the original repair is in process, as well as for additional parts might be paid directly to the repair shop or to you. Your deductible is your responsibility and must be paid at the time you pick up your vehicle.