We are a close family offering career opportunities in the following areas:

  • Customer Service
  • Auto Body Techs
  • Auto Paint Techs

Ideal Collision Repair is an Equal Opportunity Employer. You may forward your resume to:

Ideal Collision Repair
451 N Burleson Blvd.
Burleson, TX 76028
Phone: 817-295-0446
Fax: 817-295-2943

You can also submit your resume and inquire about us on Linked In

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Our Work Environment

Diverse Work Force

We believe that the quality of business decisions are enhanced when people contribute skills and knowledge acquired from their unique backgrounds. The diversity of our workplace is one of our valued assets.

Clean, Safe and Healthful Working conditions

People like to be proud of the place in which they work. We have a business design that makes orderliness and cleanliness possible, but it requires the effort of each individual to clean and put things in their proper place. The effort must carry beyond your immediate work area into the entire facility, including the break area, washrooms, and parking areas.

Professional Approach and Commitment

Everyone likes to be a winner. We feel you can help us meet this objective by doing your assigned work in a thorough, systematic, and professional way, and by giving extra effort and utilizing current best practices and technologies. By doing this, you will play a significant role in getting the job done and getting it done right.

Employment Security

Employment security is achieved by our ability to meet our customers’ need for a consistent high quality and competitively priced product.

Training and Development

Since the Company’s reputation for quality service rests in your hands, you must know how to perform your assignments the correct way. As a new employee and during additional assignments, you will be provided with training that enables you to maintain your skill set with current technologies to utilize best practices.
Continual improvement is an on-going process and your help is required to determine the direction of your training and development. You will also train other employees, an important responsibility shared by all.

Participation in the Decision Making Process

Our philosophy is to encourage decision making at the level in the organization closest to the situation that has the skills, knowledge, and expertise to make high quality, effective decisions.
You will have the opportunity to develop “mastery” in the skills that you are utilizing. As your level of expertise increases, your opportunity to participate in job related decisions will also increase. As you progress and learn, you will be able to assume more responsibility for decision making.


Our operation requires people to work effectively with others. You will be part of a team. Your ability to become a contributing team member is an important skill to maintain along with your technical skills